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Let's look at my previous work!

Cellcoholics! A Survey on The Usage of Smartphones Among Students

 We studied the negative effects of smartphone usage on students’ study and proposed a medium-fidelity prototype to help students stay focused and gain more self-control.

During the project, I developed conceptual models came up with prototypes, ran test experiments, and analyzed feedback data. 

Results showed that our designed app can certainly help smartphone-addicted users to stay more focused on their work or study.

Accountability-Aware Design of Voice User Interfaces for Home Appliances

This project explores how users’ accountability perceptions and expectations can be managed in voice interaction with smart home appliances. To explore links between the degree of automation, system accountability, and user satisfaction, we identified key design factors for VUI design through an exploratory study, articulated them in video prototypes of four new VUI mechanisms showing a user commanding an advanced appliance and encountering a problem, and deployed them in a second study. 

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